Just the Facts: What will The Big "I" Look Like?

The I-10/ I-95 Interchange project will not only increase the capacity of the Interchange but will also increase safety and efficiency by reducing and/or eliminating many of the current cross-lane weaving movements that drivers must negotiate as they use the current interchange. Forest Street will be widened to accommodate the new interstate access ramps.

Ultimate Interchange Layout
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Existing Collector-Distributor (CD) Bridges over Myrtle Avenue to be placed in full-service

In 1991, FDOT completed construction of the north and south bound CD bridges adjacent to I-95 over Myrtle Avenue. Initially, these bridges service the Bay Street off-ramp from I-95 northbound, and Forsyth Street on-ramp to I-95 Southbound and I-10 westbound.

Once the new interchange is constructed, these bridges will function as part of a collector/distributor system, separating mainline interstate traffic from local traffic looking to enter and exit on local roadway within the interchange limits.
Local traffic using the collector distributor roadways can exit in the northbound direction at I-95 southbound, Forest Street, Bay Street and Monroe Street. In the southbound direction, local traffic using the collector distributor roadways can exit at Stockton Street and I-95 southbound. These CD roadways will reduce mixing and weaving movements throughout the interchange, thereby increasing operational safety.

Permanent Ramp Configuration Changes

Interstate I-95 entrance/ exit ramps at McCoys Creek Boulevard and the existing I-95 southbound exit at Margaret Street will be closed with the new interchange configuration. Permanent entrance and exit ramps will be constructed at Forest Street.